Firefox keyboard shortcut for Preference | Content | Fonts & Colors

1. about:config | ui.key.contentAccess = 4
2. new bookmark with Name : 0. whatever & location : about:preferences#content
3. alt-b | 0 to access Preference | Content

Long version
OK, I've been a LONG time firefox supporter, even when they once became 'bloatware' (of sort :D)

BUT it gradually declines personally for me, since the features I most used are slowly being changed / removed, specifically accessing the Preference popup window via keyboard shortcut key

What I used to do was
- Alt-e (Edit menu)
- Preference
- pre-selected Content tab
- Alt-c (Colors... button)
- Alt-s (toggle 'Use system colors')
- Alt-o (for 'Override the colors specified by the page with my selections above:' option)
- A or N (Always / Never option)
- Enter (to save)

It sounds tedious BUT muscle memory makes it pretty efficient & can be done under 2 seconds

This will enable / disable accessibility features, in terms of uniform backgound / foreground colors, which helps to less strain the eyes (with help from some dark theme like solarized / base-16)

Around one year ago, non-ESR Firefox changed the preference window from popup into tabs AND renders the shortcut keys above useless... Which results in me using ESR release (38-ESR to be exact) & enabling incontent option in about:config

Today, for whatever reason, I tried accessing the Colors... button again, BUT with Shift-Alt-C & it works...

I re-read my question on Mozilla Support & finally understand what the answer in the first paragraph meant, you CAN modify Shift-Alt into just Alt... You just need to modify the value of ui.key.contentAccess in about:config from 5 to 4 (the answer has the technical detail of this)

And re-tried the Colors... button & voila!! it works (manly tears of happiness almost shed :D)

faith in Firefox restored & I'm in the main release channel again, goodbye ESR (for now)

Takeaway :
The new steps:
- Alt-b (Bookmarks menu)
- 0 (selects 0. whatever bookmark )
- Alt-c (Colors... button)- Alt-s (toggle 'Use system colors')
- Alt-o (for 'Override the colors specified by the page with my selections above:' option)
- A or N (Always / Never option)
- Enter (saves)

back to basics

Computer : to automate repetitive tasks.

windows : ruby + WMI | *NIX : perl + POSIX

Browser : Selenium

Keyboard : AutoHotKey (win32) | autokey (*NIX)

CLI : expect

of Firefox & Solarize

Referring to, it's actually quite easy to convert Firefox default color scheme to be solarized

referring to Tools | Options | Content | Colors, uncheck
- Use system colors
- Allow pages ....

next, open about:config | color

change the below options / value

browser.anchor_color        - link color
browser.display.background_color    - default background
browser.display.foreground_color    - default content / text
browser.visited_color        - visited / clicked link

 Just set the above four value following the hex values from Ethan's site above

example :
background - #073642 (base02)
foreground - #eee8d5 (base2)

of github

well github is officially awesome :)

want to view tabular data?
- Upload / push a CSV from Excel / LibreOffice

want to share a 3d model?
- Upload / push the STL file created from Blender / SketchUp

want to share a Map?
- Upload / push a geoJson file from Google Map

Nice right? go start now, download Git for windows

Quick tutorial

Nexus 7 Setup - No WiFi

So, starting up your Nexus 7 then it prompts for WiFi connection,
BUT you don't have any...

How to proceed
press the power button back
long-press on shutdown
choose boot into 'safe mode'
OK to confirm
wait for it to be ready..
proceed to set everything
Now, we have option to skip 'Add Account' on mostly everything..
Now usable (provided you side-load the APKs already)

Reboot back and enjoy your offline Nexus 7

Hold on, there's no File Manager, how do we side-load the APKs..
We download one (somehow), from below

then allow manual installation
Settings | Security | Unknown Sources

Now we're good