Nexus 7 Setup - No WiFi

So, starting up your Nexus 7 then it prompts for WiFi connection,
BUT you don't have any...

How to proceed
press the power button back
long-press on shutdown
choose boot into 'safe mode'
OK to confirm
wait for it to be ready..
proceed to set everything
Now, we have option to skip 'Add Account' on mostly everything..
Now usable (provided you side-load the APKs already)

Reboot back and enjoy your offline Nexus 7

Hold on, there's no File Manager, how do we side-load the APKs..
We download one (somehow), from below

then allow manual installation
Settings | Security | Unknown Sources

Now we're good


Shahrin Shahrulzaman said...

Holy shit. You still update your blog.

:: unexistance :: said...

holy shit, you're still alive

meh cni phone number, da la fb xde :D

amacam baby ko?

Sayan Guharoy said...

This never worked.But it will work if you can fool it with a fake hotspot,see this thread..bypass wifisetup google nexus

:: unexistance :: said...

Have you tried it? I actually did it with my Nexus 7 :)