komuter delay, again...

Last night, as I arrived at Bandar Tasik Selatan komuter station around 8.15 pm, a notice there said ' There has been a delay for 1/2 an hour. All service will stop at KL station, service to Rawang and Sentul are not available.' What the... I'm not exactly shocked by the notice since Komuter train seems to has the tendency to arrive late, especially at peak hours.

Back to the story, I asked the staff there and they said some electric wire at a station has snapped, no electricity. woaa, snapped?? (those wire on top of the train) OK, that's new. A few month before, there's a delay too, because of some power station failure, and yes at peak hours.
Then an empty train arrive, which is by the way damn weird, looks and smells (the train's inner odour) like it hasn't been used for a while. Well, at least there's a train coming, last time they let us wait for 2 hours (this is half an hour, so some improvement, I think).

So, this morning when I watched the TV, it said some truck has fallen off a bridge and onto the komuter's electric wire. A little googling showed that this is not the 1st time (Utusan report), but this time it occures at Jalan Ipoh (The Star report).

Seems like these Komuter guys has the tendency to keep passengers (a.k.a customers) in the dark when something happens. And of course no refunds. A familiar scenario occures after that, sardine-packed train full of people trying to go home, just like the last time.

This is one of the reason why I don't use Komuter service at peak hours (I use it after office hour), because for surely something will happen, we just have to wait and see (and maybe fascinated by it)

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