google development practice

Eliminate Waste - Spend time only on what adds real customer value.
- jgn buang masa buat mnde2 plik dan xperlu
- customer mnta = kne buat
- 3 org/team, Agile method
- 2 org blajo dr sifu of the team

Amplify Learning - When you have tough problems, increase feedback.
- share sume info ngn sume org
- satu je code-base kat google
- sng coordinate proj (3 org duk dkt2)
- update smggu nyer keje kat team/group pki emel

Empower the Team - Let the people who add value use their full potential.
- 20% dr time pekerja bt proj masing2
- bg idea pape je kat wiki google
- sumer bleh komen (n rate) kat idea tu

Deliver as Fast as Possible - Deliver value to customers as soon as they ask for it.
- bg solution yg baik dgn cpt
- kalo solution tbaik tp lmbt xgne
- BETA = feedback

See the Whole - Beware of the temptation to optimize parts at the expense of the whole.
- pki data utk bt decision
- analyst plot performance
- sentiasa tau tahap pkembangn ktne

Build Integrity In - Don't try to tack on integrity after the fact - build it in.
- user-centered design
- experiment dl tgk user respon cmne
- utamakan value2user dr profit

Decide as Late as Possible - Keep your options open as long as practical, but no longer.
- budget utk satu2 proj xkira ms awl2
- cmne nk bt duit dr idea, pk kendian

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