kelemahan distributed computing

Assumption usually made when designing distributed system:
1. The network is reliable
2. Latency is zero
3. Bandwidth is infinite
4. The network is secure
5. Topology doesn't change
6. There is one administrator
7. Transport cost is zero
8. The network is homogeneous

1. server heartbeat
2. delay skit2 xpe kot
3. crunch data (xml is out)
4. apply basic security (default tutup sumer port :lol:)
5. jgn design system yg rely kat IP address (at least jgn hard-coded)
6. design UI utk manage server farm
7. maintain sendri je network/LAN
8. tetapkan satu standard utk transport data

so, cmne oracle bt utk 10g die?? (btw, g = grid = distributed)

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