of LHC and supersymmetries

while looking for a file format (.g10, anyone know this?), I stumbled upon a url ended .for
out of curiosity, I opened it and...

I saw something like :

I'm in Heaven, damn it..
yes, I have no idea what the program does, heck didn't even know what language..
but that's not the point

the point is, those filenames are actually names of supersymmetric particle (hence the s)
example : selectron is the counterpart of electron, etc..

AFAIK, if we were to found evidence of these sparticles, String Theory would be at least have some prove, and that is really big (in a sense of The Theory of Everything)..

now, I have some researching todo, excuse me :lol:

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unexistance said...

its a Fortran 77 source code.. So we're still using fortran..