of WMA & MP3

omce upon a time, i used Audacity to convert songs into mp3 (which is time-consuming, lame and tedious).

Then i used lame, i create a batch script and put it inside sys32 (accessible from anywhere)

Then i used Switch, with its fancy GUI and all (a typical [l]user), then it expired, gaaahh..

then i remembered sarin's idea of creating his own mp3 / audio player, using python..
so it mean's pymedia can read / write audio format (not all tho :P)

a little google (more than i expected tho), a viola, a converter script
using pymedia, u can manipulate (read/write)
- mp3, mp2
- wma
- ac3
- ogg
- aac
- avi
- asf
- mpeg1, 2

and i lived happily ever after LOL

p/s : this is kinda a python endorsement -_-

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Shahrin said...

python ... open source ... ok what !!