of MS4W & PostGIS

A few months back, I had an interest in GIS, and set on a quest to find out how to set a server (induced by google maps actually :lol:). On the adventure, I learned that U kinda need a spatial database (a bit different from your usual database) and there we're only two that I know of, Oracle Spatial and PostGIS.

Oracle Spatial is an extension to, err.. Oracle, and given the oracle pricing (Oracle XE is Yet in the market), I opt for postGIS.. Unfortunately, U exclusively need linux for it to run nicely, and i'm not exactly Linux-savvy :lol:

Recently (read today), I look again at postgresql and it seems there's a windows' friendly installer. And it's GIS add-on has been upgraded too :)) that's good news.. A little download and installing, voila a postgresql server is up (and running)

so, gis database: check

next on the list, a map/spatial server. aptly named MapServer, its way nicer than a few months before (maybe a year). Documentation is good (in terms of OSS), and installation is a breeze (actually u dont need to install :lol:)

so, map server: check

finally, the GUI (web-based tho). There's already some nice gui U can use with MapServer, for instance ka-map (), MapScript for the interaction between server and client (UI), and a few others..

gui: check

so, i'm off (to code :)) and to home)

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