of Muse & Black Holes

Unlike Singapore or Bangkok, concert promoters here seem to be leagues behind in delivering concerts with a contemporary rock edge. Well, things are slowly changing. And that necessary makes the news that

The Muse concert is presented by Tiger Beer and organised by Galaxy Productions.

Muse, which includes singer/songwriter Matt Bellamy, bass guitarist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard, will be in top form once it arrives in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 25, 2007.

With a Pacific Rim tour that begins in mid-January to support its recent album Black Holes and Revelations, the band is set for a hot summer in Australia and New Zealand before it swings over to Stadium Negara.

Date: Sunday, 25 February 2007
Time: 8:00p.m.
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket pricing:
Numbered seating – RM180, RM140, RM110
Free Seating – RM80, RM50
Arena Rockzone – RM110
Ticketing Hotline: 03 2282 2020
Tiger music website: www.tigermusic.com.my
Concert website: www.galaxy.com.my

unfortunately, it is presented by Tiger Beer... "-_-


krl said...

pergi konsert tak? c'mon, lets go please.. takde member ni..
Rasa cam nak beli tiket The Rock Zone RM113 =P

LittleHealerJR said...

nak tanya sket korang... muslim ble pegi x??? aku risau x leh gi lak.. adeh.. nk gi sgt nie.. sesape baik hati tlg cite kt aku senario dia kt ym aku ek : fadhilfaisal ... tlg la.. nk gi sgt nie.. hhuuhuhu