of Literature Review

1. Literature Review
2. Proposal
3. Concept Paper

Literature Review
- Problem simulation
- Literature Search
- Data evaluation
- Analysis & interpretation

- Overview of subject
- Categorizing works on subject
- Similarity and difference of each works on subject
- Conclusions

Considerations (of each papers):
- Provenance
- Objectivity
- Persuasiveness
- Value

- Download papers from journals (IEEE explore, computer.org, acm, etc..)
- Read abstract
- Read future works
- Read conclusion/discussion
- If related, GOTO A, ELSE IF B, ELSE C

A. Read the whole paper, mark important points,
B. Reject
C. Nap :lol:

Concept Paper:
- Detail yet tentative Title
- Introduction
- Research motivation
- Objective
- Current solutions (previous papers)
- Proposed solution
- Facilities needed

No need for details, things tends to change (every part of it), so KISS

.:: Sharing is Empowering ::.

p/s: I'm no graduate student/wtf, so this might be wrong
correct me if i'm wrong..

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