of Jython

Jython = Java + Python
Servlet = server applet (maybe :lol:)

Servlet in less than a day

1. Install Java (J2SE/JSE)

2. Install Tomcat (ver 5.0xx)

3. Install jython (ver 2.2)

4. Create these structure (italics = new folder):
- tomcat\webapps\jythondemo
- tomcat\webapps\jythondemo\WEB-INF
- tomcat\webapps\jythondemo\WEB-INF\lib
- tomcat\webapps\jythondemo\WEB-INF\classes

5. Inside jython directory (i.e c:\program files\jython) there's a file named jython.jar, copy that into tomcat\common\lib

6. create a web.xml file in tomcat\webapps\jythondemo\WEB-INF with the following content



7. Create JythonServlet1.py inside tomcat\webapps\jythondemo with the following content:

from javax.servlet.http import HttpServlet

class JythonServlet1 (HttpServlet):
def doGet(self,request,response):
self.doPost (request,response)

def doPost(self,request,response):
toClient = response.getWriter()
response.setContentType ("text/html")
toClient.println ("<html><head><title>Servlet Test</title>" + "<body><h1>Servlet Test</h1></body></html>")

8. Start your Tomcat server

9. go to http://localhost:8080/jythondemo/JythonServlet1


p/s: since it is a matter of drag & drop (somewhat), this can be easily deployed inside a hosting, provided that they support java that is..

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