of FTP

Automatic FTP upload

1. buat satu file dengan extension .ftp (cth: test.ftp)
2. buka, Open With notepad (buat default)
3. sample skrip
o ftp.localhost.com
cd apache/htdocs
send test.png
4. save file
5. open satu explorer window (cth: My Document)
6. pergi ke Tools | Folder Options | File Types
7. dalam Registered File Types, cari Extensions FTP
8. klik Advanced, dalam Actions, select open | Edit...
9. edit Application used to perform action: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ftp.exe" "-s:%1"
10. Use DDE | Application, taip ftp
11. select OK sampai abis
12. open ftp file tadi, die akan automatic upload (cth: ke apache/htdocs)

trick kat cni, command ftp ada satu switch -s:'file name'. so, dari bukak DOS prompt, simplify jadi double-click


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