of FMA & k750i

Fma: FloAt's Mobile Agent
Opera Mini

Finally, got my hand on k750i :lol: it seems to have a recent price drop, got it for only rm570 (and around that price in other shops).

Day 1
So, I try it immediately with FMA on the 1st day, and it doesn't work.. A few googling results in no complaints on connecting fma with k750 through the usb cable so why can't I?
Then tried installing the supplied software, and got me an error..
OK, doesn't matter that it can't install, the new hardware wizard took care the usb+card part, results in a removable drive.. Good enough :D
Time for Opera Mobile, and I left wondering how to install it (there are no application/games folder visible inside the usb card). But there's an Other folder, so in there it goes :lol:
yet can't find it inside when trying to install it, damn.. Tried again after unplugging the phone and there it is :P heck, can even send it (not possible with k300i)

Day 2
Tried again with FMA, yet failed.. Then looking through the setting, no USB mentioned anywhere, COM port only.. Aah My Computer | Properties | Hardware | Device Manager | Port, mentioning USB (COM 13 & 14), so that's how..
restarting fma and there it is, SE 750.

So, why am I making such a fuss over fma? because it rocks, sending SMS thru PC, answering calls (via headphone+speaker), etc..

Then I lived happily ever after :lol:

p/s: unfortunately, its no s60 series phone


krl said...

k750? nice²..
i really miss my missing k750..

anyway, may I inform u that k750 is on the best hp ever.. great camera feature + great mp3 player = great phone..


:: unexistance :: said...

tu pasal aku bli lol..
bli br je, rm570 je..

iQbaL radzuan said...

another option.. MyPhoneExplorer.. :) wee..