of .FLV to .AVI

1. download ffmpeg [site1][site2]
2. unzip to somewhere (c:\WINDOWS)
3. open an FLV file (with vlc or whatever)
4. now, open an explorer window (e.g My Documents)
5. Menu Toolbar | Tools | Folder Options...
6. File Types | FLV | Advanced | New
7. Action:
to AVI
8. Application used to perform action:
ffmpeg -i %1 rename.avi
9. click OK until the end..
10. it should work


kril said...

pakai converter je kan senang..

Shahrin said...

alaaaaa .....

pakai command line je pn da cukup ....

:: unexistance :: said...

kril: KISS

shahrin: U know how users are :lol:

dee said...

alaaaa..korg sume hebat2..leh la ckp pkai command line.. :P