Mandriva 2007.0

For about a month, I've been using Mandriva 2007 (found the CD lying around :lol:) and it is quite OK for me because it can play my movies and mp3s out-of-the-box, so to say..

Previously I've tried opensuse 10.3 and ubuntu 7.10, and it somewhat disappointing because it couldn't play any avi / mp3 (understandably tho)

Anyway, after i lost my XP after a freak accident (formatting it), I tried to install it back, but to no avail, hence Mandriva to the rescue.

After successfully load the LiveCD, I decided to install it and it manage to detect all the standard peripheral on my v3010, except for the Ricoh 5-in-1 card reader (useless anyway as it cannot read my k750i's MS Pro card) and the geforce go 6150 graphics card.

Couldn't try the wireless, but it showed up in the hardware configuration, so i guess it's ok.

All is warm and fuzzy (while watching atlantis + numb3rs + criminal minds), until i tried installing apache tomcat. A quick google returns pain in installing it, and my lack of internet frustrates me even more, as i certainly cannot download all the dependencies manually, although i've thought of detecting the dependencies and download them using python :lol:

So my XP is back (thanks to Wan), but i still have the itch to try mandriva 2008 (found the cd on the linux mag, RM20), but that can be done later, when I install it onto a pen/usb-drive, which is still not bought yet :lol: then reboot my laptop from the yet-to-be-mine USB drive (about rm80)


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