10 Dream IT Jobs (or at least cool)

Since i'm off today, it's time to update this blog :D

0. Environmental Simulations Developer
- definitely needs physics
- sounds _really_ nice
1. Video Game Developer
- they say this is one of the toughest job in the industry, making full use of the latest computer hardware
- Wii is cool, despite the name LOL
2. Bioinformatics Simulations Modeling
- biology background is nice
3. 3D Animation Technician
- Transformers anyone?
4. Internet Entrepreneur
- there's always space for the next Google
- really should read Paul's essay, all of it even :D
5. Medical Modeling Systems Developer and Technician
- obviously needs at least some knowledge in biology
- simulation _again_
6. Digital Film Production Assistant and Technician
- if you noticed, (almost) all Media Prima's content is available online
7. Website Network Manager / Administrator
- i'd say, this is the sort of passive income needed
8. Training Software Developer
- TBL's intention with the internet is originally as a teaching tool
- the $$$ is quite ok too
9. Visual and Audio Content Producers
- creativity needed (how do you learn creativity?)

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