Shopping for Phone?

What I look for before buying a phone:

1. Price

- I wouldn't want to lose a rm1500 piece of tech, so just around rm500 is ok with me :D

2. Feature

- Some phone shop (tepi jalan type) didn't even know HSDPA, so asking them is not really an option

so 1st, go to gsmarena and pick the feature you want (mind that this site is UK-based..).

then go to mobile88 (yes, 'funny' name but their info is quite OK) and look for the listed phone that you search just now. They have some pricing in RM and you can do a comparison of phone feature too


- it's easier to use a tabbed-browser (Firefox, IE7, Opera)

- searching for phone on mobile88 is easier done through brand selection + browser-search

- the comparison feature might not look quite correct on non-IE browser

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an employee of mobile88/gsmarena :D

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dee said...

share la info nh ngn fad.. die pn sdg mencari henset baru..