Download imeem song on Linux


- Firefox

- Video DownloadHelper plugin

- ffmpeg (additional flavor)


0. Install firefox + VDH

1. Go to the song's page on Imeem

2. Just play the song as usual (needs package flashplugin-nonfree from synaptic)

3. You will notice the VDH's logo rotating, indicating a media file is detected

4. After the song is finished loading/playing, click on VDH logo, and select a file with such name : long-random-incomprehensible-file-name.flv

4.0. if there are multiple of it, just try your luck one-by-one :P

5. the downloaded flv can be played in VLC / mplayer / totem


6. Open a terminal

7. Issue command likewise:

ffmpeg -i long-random-incomprehensible-file-name.flv -ab 128 actual-supplied-name.mp3

8. Enjoy :D


- if you noticed, this steps can be applied to windows also :D

- using above command could be tedious, so we can a new item in nautilus-actions-config as such:

[menu item & action]

path: ffmpeg

parameters : -i %M -ab 128 %M.mp3


filenames : *.flv

mimetypes : application/x-flash-video



Tue said...

Thanks a lot! I use your advice to download music from

I created a script to first convert the flv files to .wav with ffmpeg and then to .mp3 from .wav using lame because I hear that .flv to .mp3 directly will lower the resulting quality.

:: unexistance :: said...

glad you find it to be useful..
care to share? :D

Anonymous said...

Not so practical , I am programming my own tool that searches , parses and downloads flv's from i m e e m . c o m , and all using curl and bash.
I'll make it GPL.
Just a side note :
What the hell is the relation between FOSS and Islam ?
PS : I am an arabic-speaking muslim-born atheist.

:: unexistance :: said...

yeah, that's possible also :D don't forget to send the URL..

side-note : might be related, or not :P but I'm just against ownership, as we human beings doesn't really own anything :D all belongs to the creator, including the brain of ours ..