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Since I started using linuxmint (i think just a few months ago :D), i recently noticed that i didn't really like the 6-month release cycle, because i HATE to upgrade my OS so that I can use gimp 2.6, firefox 3.0, 3.0 or any other latest apps..

Didn't really blame linuxmint, since they are ubuntu-based, so they just followed suit :P but the funny thing is ubuntulinux is based on debian, a rolling release distro..

This means once installed the system, i can choose to upgrade the relevant/favourite apps only (+ its dependencies) without reinstalling the OS. Two of 'em is Arch & PCLinuxOS..

since i'm a newbie (and haven't subscribe to Kizuna, yet), so i like a simple, out-of-the-box kind of distro (which is why i choose linuxmint)..

Actually I have considered between linuxmint vs pclinuxos before, but resort to mint as the support (+ ubuntu forums) are better for n00b like me..

I look around Arch (and it can be quite a beauty), but it seems that it is a little bit easier than LFS, so it's more like for those lucky bastards with a few Gbps download speed and already at the linux demigod level (LFS is for linux god only) :D

So I've decided on PCLinuxOS Gnome (not in love with KDE), right after i finished the torrent + bought a much-needed 120GB HDD + RAM

p/s: maybe can try some *BSD / OpenSolaris :lol: open for suggestion/donation

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deeshizuka said...

haih.. aku slalu kehilangan bila bc blog ko.. huhu..