Hi 2010

Last post 2008, no post in 2009, at all :D

I'm still alive & physically well. Economically not so well, because of my addiction
- It really affects me :D
- Suz didn't really like it at first, but then she seems to be OK with it already (we'll see :P)

PC Fair 2010 : 16 - 18 APR 2010
- I cannot go ...

Halal food in Malaysia
- Use JAKIM's page, via google..
1. open google.com/ncr
2. type this
3. then add the restaurant / address of place you're looking for
e.g : site:halal.gov.my starbucks

Masjid KLCC got wifi
- I'll need to investigate this :D
- see junaidix's post

I got facebook
- hahahah

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