Open Source Java


At last, java open source... Sun has decided to make open source, something java developers has been dreaming about for a long time (since java 1.0 I suppose) ...

Java ME will be mostly open source by the end of 2006, and the JDK by 2007 (or so they say) even though Sun has yet to decide what/which open source licence to use..

but the implementation should be carefully, err implemented because I wouldn't want java to become like linux OS (where if u want to install something, then u have to compile this, build that, update there, download here.. u get my point) where there's a certain lack of organization.

and I hope with this, jre will not be bloated anymore (>100MB is bloated), instead it will be somewhat on-demand-download (take what only u need), one central server (sourceforge came to mind) where an organization certainly needed for this.

p/s: i love linux by the way (liveCD just rocks), just the thing i mention above frustrates me (and potential users)

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