A Star

its not another reality show, just a pathfinding algorithm

more accurately, shortest-path algo
the top contender is:
1. dijkstra
2. a*

alas, a* wins because of the submitted proposal titled "pathfinding algorithm in a*" (and its too late to change the title/project)

in short :
dijkstra = closed network (limited path to the destination)
a* = open network (virtually infinite path to destination)

in case of a map/network, dijkstra is the most optimal

for an implementation (in python), refer to shahrin's blog on the right
and from aRainyDay

further development is commencing by non other than programmer extraordinaire shahrin...

my job (maybe & if i have the brain) is to make a web-app

using spyce, which seems fun enough (coz its like jsp, i hope...)

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