of Complexity & Superstring

math.. its a shame how little people knows of its use, and even little admires its elegance and beauty..

while searching for uncertainty principle, I stumbled upon the above website
Game of Life, and a new one, NK Boolean Networks

in summation, complexity theory is about how simple rule(s) can yield complex results :

  1. Any live cell with fewer than two neighbours dies, as if by loneliness.
  2. Any live cell with more than three neighbours dies, as if by overcrowding.
  3. Any live cell with two or three neighbours lives, unchanged, to the next generation.
  4. Any dead cell with exactly three neighbours comes to life.
this is an example of Game of Life rules, a mere 4 rules yet it will results in (seemingly) chaotic behaviour of the cells..

It got me thinking, if complexity theory is simplicity --> chaos, then what our physicist are doing with superstring theory is trying to formulate chaos --> simplicity, in other words, we are trying to find those 4 rules that governs our universe (it may be 4, or less, or more..)

then there is this thing called Effective Theory (its a concept, not an actual theory)

take an example of flowing water. We can calculate its characteristics (speed, viscosity, etc) by measuring every single molecule (which is by the billion) and sum it all up..
OR we could just using fluid dynamics calculations (i'm sure its a LOT shorter calculations)
so, in this sense fluid dynamics is the effective theory for, err fluids..

basically, any effective theory requires input (parameters if u may say), then we can have the output/results.. But in 'theory of everything' (the 4 rules) supposedly requires no input AT ALL, we just setup the initial conditions/rules, and voila, out came our universe..

so, superstring theorist are working backwards (in a sense) of complexity theorist (i'm not sure whether this title exist)..

but if u consider game of life (or boolean networks) initial conditions, it is obvious that someone puts the initial dots (or NK) first, then it will come to life, so to speak.
but physicist suggest that the Game of Life will spring to existence from a blank canvas :lol: hence rejecting the idea of a Creator (can a tree randomly reassemble itself to form a chair / table in time??) hey, i'm babbling out of control again :D anyway, all i can say is, if its math, its cool (watch numb3rs?)

and mind you, this is math :D

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