jython graphing

src : O'Reilly

Taken from the link above, I tried to build a standalone jar of the cool-looking graph app using jythonc command as such:
jythonc -j Chart.jar -d -a Chart.py

the creation seemed ok, but when I opened it (double-clicked), nothing happens. A quick
java -jar Chart.jar

reveals the problem
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/python/parser/ast/VisitorBase


Luckily my trusted 7zip is to the rescue (and the mailing-list is incomprehensible to me -_-).
0. extract jython.jar
1. locate /ast
2. open Chart.jar with 7zip File Manager
3. copy /ast into Chart.jar:/org/python/parser
4. done

p/s: Its a hack, i know LOL

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