of vboxdrv

PC spec = 160GB HDD + 2GB RAM + Pentium Core 2 Duo (maybe)

0. Red Hat 4.x AS
- installation stuck/stop at detecting PCI

1. CentOS 5.0
- CD 2 (& 3) corrupted -_-

2. OpenSuSE 10.2
- Nice & fun, but no :D

3. Mandriva 2008.0
- Comes with Compiz (wobbly window and all)
- There's this thing called VirtualBox

Found it while browsing the local repository (i.e DVD)

Finally I can try virtualization baby kekekeke...

anyway, I tried install XP. It was smooth (as smooth as it can be), and quite usable. Then I tried connecting to the network, BAM!! error, and virtualbox closed.
Its actually my bad, because I didn't configure a network interface for the XP, so I tried restarting the program and tried starting XP VM again, and it throws me this:

“Failed to start the virtual machine:”
VirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Re-setup the kernel module by executing ‘/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup’ as root.
VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).

Result Code:
IConsole {1dea5c4b-0753-4193-b909-22330f64ec45}

so, a little googling results in nothing. I reinstall it again, and the same error occur..

Fortunately, by some luck, I manage to found this solution, and all is OK again..

p/s: actually i'm supposed to detect the network, but it seems that all the OS I tried failed..

So i guess its the network / card / cable / router (don't really know which one), BAH ...

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is-nanie said...

penatla keje.....
15jam sehari ngadap komputer buat keje....

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